Big Fogg Preventing Heat Stress Among Athletes

The American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine stresses the importance of preventing heat related illness in athletes. When exercising, bodies cool off by sweating. As athletes perspire, they lose necessary body fluids and during regular exercise, up to 90 percent of the energy that an athlete’s body produces is released by heat. Environment, clothing, equipment, and sun exposure are key factors in hindering heat release and perspiration. Christopher Miehl, the President of Big Fogg Misting Systems revolutionized sporting sidelines in 1994 when he placed the first Misting Fan on a college football sideline. Big Fogg’s Sports Misting Fans even the odds and help keep athletes cool and safe from excessive heat.

Due to the equipment and uniform needed in football, most of the heat problems have been associated with football, although early fall season cross country, soccer, and field hockey practices are conducted in very hot and humid weather in many parts of the Americas and Europe. During the 1995 through the 2000 football season there have been 17 heat stroke deaths in football. In hot weather conditions athletes are subjected to heat cramps, heat syncope, heat exhaustion from water depletion, heat exhaustion from salt depletion, and heatstroke.

Big Fogg High-Pressure Misting Systems and Misting Fans work on the evaporation cooling process to produce ultra fine mist that relieves athletes from heat stress. When the water droplets are released into the hot air, they absorb the heat present in the air and get released as vapor. The change of liquid to gas creates a cooling effect known as evaporative cooling.

Misting Fans enhance the evaporation process and can be used outdoors and in areas where the use of air conditioners is not feasible. High Pressure Misting Fans produce a greater cooling effect which is more suitable for more expansive, open spaces. High pressure systems are generally operated at 800 pounds of pressure or more and are also the most expensive to purchase as the components used must be sturdy enough to endure such high pressure systems.

Big Fogg Misting System’s Professional High-Pressure Misting fan was created specifically with the world class athlete in mind. The Professional is designed for what’s most important to you, keeping players cool without getting them wet. These misting systems allow the players to perform at their peak level and reduce the chance of heatstroke.