About Big Fogg

Since 1993, Big Fogg™ Misting Systems and Misting Fans has been renting and selling misting systems and misting fans to wide array of customers around the globe to meet their outdoor cooling, industrial cooling, commercial or residential misting needs. Big Fogg Misting Systems sells and rents complete a line of misting systems..

Big Fogg has a wide range of misting systems and misting fans to meet a wide range of performance levels and budgets. Big Fogg sells and installs high-pressure misting systems and misting fans, mid-pressure misting systems that are powered by high pressure misting pumps and mid-pressure misting pumps..??. Big Fogg Misting Fans have been commissioned by the NFL to be on the sidelines at 8 of the last 10 Super Bowl Games and last 12 Pro Bowl Games in Hawaii. Big Fogg supplied and setup heated benches at the 2008-2014 NFC Playoff games in Chicago, Washington, Green Bay, New England, Denver & Pittsburgh. Its heating benches were also used at both the most attended hockey game in history – the Michigan-Michigan State game and at the 2014 NHL New Year’s Day classic. Big Fogg has provided its Misting Fans, Misting Systems, Misting Tents, Inflatable Misters and Heated Benches for the PGA, Motor Sports, College Baseball World Series, NCAA Championship Bowl Games, World Cup Soccer, NHL and MLB All Star Game & regular season games. Each season Big Fogg Misting Fans, Heated Benches and Radiant Heaters are on the sidelines of over 200 NFL and NCAA football games. Big Fogg technicians have setup misting fans on the sidelines of every NFL team.

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